Android 13 leaks reveal new language modes, BT LE support and more

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Robert Triggs / Android Authority


  • Two separate reports claim to have details about the next major version of Android, Android 13.
  • Features include support for Bluetooth LE Audio and a way to switch languages ​​in any Android app.
  • Google has not confirmed anything, but the leaks seem credible.

Android 12 is slowly rolling out to smartphones and the Android 12L beta for foldable phones is live ahead of an official launch in early 2022. However, Google is already working on the next major mobile OS update, Android 13. Today, two separate reports have some Android 13 leaks that could reveal possible new features in the operating system.

Well-known leaker Mishaal Rahman posted on his Twitter page proof that Android 13 will support Bluetooth LE Audio. The codec, which was officially launched in September, should provide higher quality audio on smaller and energy-efficient devices.

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In addition to, XDA Developers posted proof of some more Android 13 features. They include a new notification runtime permission that allows Android 13 users to disable notifications for specific apps. If true, it could go a long way toward eliminating the tons of notifications Android phone users get every day.

The article also talks about a new feature called “TARE” (The Android Resource Economy) that could help apps make better use of battery resources. The OS update may also provide ways to change the lock screen layout. The report also seems to corroborate a previous story of android police, which reported that Android 13 could support language switching in any Android app.

It is important to note that all of these Android 13 leaks are yet to be confirmed by Google. It is also more than possible that these features will not make it to the final version of the operating system. As such, you should take all of these reports with a grain of salt until Google officially unveils Android 13 in 2022.

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