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If you’re listening to someone else’s playlist and wish a certain song was gone or recorded, you’re out of luck. Unless it’s a collaborative playlist, you can’t edit playlists started by someone else. However, you can copy all songs from another playlist to one that you can manipulate. Here’s how to copy a playlist to Spotify.

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Open the Spotify desktop app to copy a Spotify playlist. Navigate to the playlist you want to copy and select all the songs in it. Right click on those songs and then choose either one Add to new playlist or select the pre-existing playlist to which you want to copy all songs.


The ability to copy playlists is invaluable when it comes to using Spotify. It is extremely useful when you want to copy playlists from others and when you need to move data.

For example, suppose you are added to a family plan and have to start using a new, different account. Obviously, if you have a different Spotify account, the new one won’t contain all of your saved “Liked Songs” or playlists.

While you couldn’t copy your saved listening history that Spotify uses in their algorithm, you could essentially transfer all the important music from the last account. All you need to do is make your old account’s playlists public and copy those playlists to the new account.

So many doors are opened by copying public playlists, and it all starts here.

Copy a playlist on Spotify (desktop)

To copy a playlist, whether it is yours or someone else’s, the Spotify desktop application must be installed on your computer. Yes, you must have a computer.

Open the Spotify desktop app and find the playlist you want to copy. In this case, I want to make a copy of The Going Quantum Playlist, by the artist Going Quantum.

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Then select all songs in the playlist.

  • To do this on a Windows computer, press Ctrl+a on your keyboard.
  • To do this on an Apple computer, press Assignment+a on your keyboard.
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Finally, right click anywhere on the highlighted songs and move your cursor to Add to playlist. Here you have two options:

  • Select the pre-existing playlist to which you want to copy the playlist.
  • Select Add to new playlist to create a new playlist with all the songs from the playlist you copy.
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Make a playlist public or private

If you want to copy one of your playlists from another account, make sure your original playlists are public and appear on your profile.

Android and iOS

make playlist public Mobile

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  • On your Android or iOS device, open the Spotify mobile app.
  • Go to Your library and press the playlist you want to make public or private.
  • press the button below the playlist title.
  • Scroll down until you see the Make private or Disclose knob; this has a lock icon next to it. Select this.

Desktop and web player

make playlist public desktop

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  • Right click on the playlist you want to publish (add to your profile) or privatize (remove from your profile).
  • Click on the option that says either Add to profile or Remove from profile.

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