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Good morning! Another day, another foldable, and another cup of coffee. I’m playing Fortnite again and it’s… really good again? Maybe I’m just in it for the hang out with friends.

Now Honor has a foldable

honor magic v

Oh hey, Honor now also has a foldable smartphone! Honor, the company that is absolutely not part of Huawei and is now realigned with Google Mobile Services, has unveiled the Honor Magic V, a foldable set for a 2022 launch.

  • That’s not much to say: it’s in the works, looks like it will fold more like a Samsung Galaxy Z than a flip phone
  • And it’s coming “soon”, with no further details.

We might know some bits and pieces:

  • A July 2021 report by the Elec reported that the upcoming Honor foldable will have an 8.03-inch folding screen with ultra-thin glass and a 6.45-inch external display.
  • Honor is trying to hit a younger target market, which makes a very expensive folding trailer tent unlikely, CEO George Zhao told CNET back in 2019.
  • …and that’s about all we know, other than a launch in China.

Other speculation:

  • Will this make it outside of China? My colleague Hadlee and I debated all morning.
  • My argument is that Honor has gone to great lengths to separate from Huawei in order to be able to sell its phones with Google Mobile Services to Europe and Asia and so on, so… if I had to bet on it, I’d say it’s coming out from China.
  • Hadlee Simons said he thinks Honor will follow Xiaomi and Oppo, at best with a slow, wider release: “Xiaomi, Huawei and Oppo have all announced or launched foldable devices in 2021. But the problem is, none of these foldable devices launched outside of China (although Oppo says the Find N is coming to Europe at some unspecified point). Obviously, there’s a trend here, and Honor hasn’t just announced the device on Weibo, unlike others. But it won’t let me down. be surprised if Honor’s Magic V also follows this path.”
  • Another bit of speculation: Qualcomm listed Honor as one of the first manufacturers to adopt its new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, so maybe that’ll show up here as the SoC on board?

To round up

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