Garuda Linux Launches 2022 With New Cinnamon Edition, Btrfs Assistant Tool

Arch Linux based Garuda Linux has a new ISO release to kick off 2022 with some cool new tools, a new community edition, and the usual performance improvements.

Garuda Linux Arch Linux is still trying to bring Linux to the masses, and the Garuda Linux 220101 release, dubbed “White-tailed Eagle”, is here to introduce a new community edition featuring the much-loved and lightweight Cinnamon desktop environment being maintained by the Linux Mint developers.

Garuda Linux offered a Cinnamon edition some time ago, but it seems it has been scrapped due to the lack of an administrator. Well, the good news is that the Cinnamon edition is back with a new admin, it uses the Cinnamon 5.0 desktop environment and offers users a slick experience and a ton of customization options.

Another cool thing about the new Garuda Linux release is that it introduces a new tool called Btrfs Assistant. This was split from the Garuda Assistant utility into a new graphical application that makes it easier to manage your Btrfs file systems.

The Btrfs Assistant tool has a few new features under the hood, such as support for restoring snapshots with nested sub-volumes underneath, as well as the ability to restore snapshots even if their sub-volumes are mounted. See it in action below in the new Cinnamon Edition!

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