How to star and save messages on WhatsApp

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The more you use WhatsApp as your default messaging platform, the more you need to find a way to store your important messages. WhatsApp has a good search function for finding messages, but that depends on the exact keywords to be entered. There’s an even easier way to store what’s important to you: you can star messages on WhatsApp and see them all as a list.

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To star and save messages in WhatsApp mobile app, long press on the message you want to save. A menu will appear and one of the options is to star it. Select that. In the desktop app, move your mouse to the right side of the message and a down arrow will appear. Click on the arrow and the same menu will appear. Select star message.


How to Star or Delete Your Messages on WhatsApp (Android and iOS)

To star a message on WhatsApp mobile, long press on the message you want to save. A few seconds later, a menu will appear. Tap on Star.

whatsapp mobile star message

You will now see a small star appear on the message.

WhatsApp mobile message with star

To remove the asterisk from the message when it is no longer needed, long press the message again. When the menu appears, tap remove stars.

How to Star or Delete Your Messages on WhatsApp (Desktop)

It is almost the same procedure on the WhatsApp desktop. But instead of long-pressing the message, move your mouse to the far right of the message instead. When a down arrow appears, click it and the menu will appear. Click star message.

whatsapp desktop star message

To delete the message, repeat the above procedure and select Delete star message instead from the menu.

How to view your starred messages on WhatsApp

Obviously, if you’re saving your messages for future reference, you’ll want to know how to access them later. Otherwise, what’s the point?

On WhatsApp mobile go to Settings, then Starred Messages.

star WhatsApp mobile settings

You will now see the saved messages in date order. Touching one will take you to the exact place in the conversation with that person where the saved message was said. This is useful if you need to read the context of the message.

whatsapp mobile saved messages

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On the desktop, it’s slightly different. You need to tap the person’s name at the top of your conversation with them.

whatsapp desktop click username

This will open a sidebar called Contact information. Scroll down until you see it Starred Messages.

whatsapp desktop with star messages link

When you click Starred Messages, you can now see your saved messages.

whatsapp desktop saved message list

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