Qualcomm Digital Chassis can power your future car

snapdragon digital chassis


  • Qualcomm announced new features for its Qualcomm Digital Chassis automotive platform at CES 2022.
  • It has also announced new car partners who will use the system in their next-generation vehicles.
  • Updates include new cockpit features, assisted driving options, and cloud-based updates.

Qualcomm announced new efforts in its automotive technology plans at CES 2022. That includes Snapdragon Digital Chassis, which will provide automakers a way to expand the technology available to vehicle owners.

Qualcomm Digital Chassis includes a number of different features that automakers can use as a complete package. Conversely, they can choose which ones to integrate into their future vehicles.

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An example feature is the Snapdragon Ride Platform for better assisted and automated riding functions. Another example is the Snapdragon Cockpit Platform, which allows cars to incorporate advanced multi-display and multi-camera interiors, with high-quality audio and video features.

Other Digital Chassis features include the Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Platform, which allows cars to connect to other devices and cloud servers via LTE, 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud Services also supports updating cars with new features and upgrades over cloud connections.

Snapdragon Digital Chassis has already received support from a number of automakers. That includes General Motors, BMW, Hyundai, Volvo, Renault and more.

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