The best AT&T deals of January 2022

AT&T deals

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Editor’s Note: We will update this list regularly as new deals are announced.

Save $800 on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a trade-in

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 ATT deal

The deal requires you to sign up for a qualifying 36-month unlimited plan. After that, you will receive the trade-in value monthly in the form of invoice credits. The credits start within three accounts.

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$800 off Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 with trade-in

Receive a free iPhone 13 Pro with trade-in

iPhone 13 Pro review in hand again

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The iPhone deals don’t stop at AT&T. There are hefty discounts on the latest iPhones if you have a device to trade in. You can save up to $1,000 on each of the iPhone 13 series, making both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro free, and the 13 Pro Max for less than $3 a month.

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Apple’s latest smartphone is the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It is the largest of the new phones with a 6.7-inch display. It has all the specs of the regular iPhone 13 Pro but comes with a bigger battery. Because it’s the best of the best from Apple right now, it’s also the most expensive, with a starting price of $1,099.99. With this deal, you pay just $99.99 for the duration of your contract.

A galaxy of amazing smartphone savings with no trade-ins

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Samsung Galay S20 FE 1

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Not everyone has a device that’s ready to trade, and AT&T is recognizing this by offering a range of discounts on other great smartphones without the need for a switch. If you sign up for an unlimited line, you can get a discount on your new handset.

Here’s an overview of the savings you can make:

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Get HBO Max for Free with AT&T’s Best Subscriptions


If you’re looking for something to watch, HBO Max is home to the highest quality content from HBO, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Adult Swim, and more. The full-tier streaming service typically costs about $14.99 per month, but you can get it for free with one of three AT&T Premier plans. The unlimited wireless and fiber internet plans give you access to HBO Max for the entire duration of your subscription, while their DirectTV subscription gives you access to the streaming service for the first three months.

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Aside from award-winning original series and a huge library of timeless classics, HBO Max also has a day-and-date release for some of the biggest movies hitting theaters this year. This month’s blockbusters include Dune and The Many Saint’s of Newark, as well as each season of The Sopranos to get you ready for the latter.

Receive a $200 rewards card when you upgrade to AT&T Fiber Internet

att fiber internet reward

What does 300Mbps superfast fiber internet sound like? If you never want to be left behind online, you can upgrade your broadband to AT&T Fiber and experience much faster speeds than cable.

The price is $35 per month, but an additional sweetener is now available. When you pull the trigger for the upgrade, you also get a $200 reward card for some extra spending. Click the button below to see if it’s available in your area.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 6 lie on a table with the page with all apps on it.

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From left to right: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Apple Watch Series 6

The AT&T deals don’t end with phones and internet services. Wearables are also offered by the carrier, with the opportunity to save $200 on some of the best Apple smartwatch models if you jump through the right hoops.

The offer includes buying two smartwatches and adding a new line of services so that both have a subscription. If you follow these steps, you will receive $200 in credits for the next 36 months. On offer are variants of the Apple Watch Series 6 and the Apple Watch SE.

Discover which watch you want via the link below.

Save 30% on AT&T Accessories

The AT&T logo.

This deal is aimed at Android users as Apple products are excluded from the discount. Still, it’s worth looking at what you can save on. Cases, chargers, and screen protectors are all good options to complement your device.

A few accessories also have standalone deals. View them via the widget below.

Extra savings for essential workers

attestation workers

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In addition to the other AT&T deals, you can save a little more on your wireless plan if you’re in one of several professions. Military personnel, veterans, first responders, nurses, doctors and teachers can all take advantage of this offer, which includes 25% off all unlimited plans.

For example, a police officer can sign up for the AT&T Unlimited Starter plan for: only $48.75 per month, instead of the usual $65. As with the rest of the population, this price per line drops further as you add multiple lines to your account.

Get a Galaxy Chromebook Go. for half price

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go ATandT Deal

The Chromebook Go is a more budget-friendly alternative to the Galaxy Chromebook 2, but offers a larger 14-inch screen. In addition, it offers both Wi-Fi 6 networks and the option of LTE for always-on internet access, which you can enjoy with your AT&T subscription. It’s also a relatively easy-to-carry system weighing just under 3.2 lbs.

Save 50% on the Galaxy Chromebook Go

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