The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE just isn’t it

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After a long delay, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE made its official debut at the beginning of this month. The phone doesn’t push the industry forward, but it does give fans a relatively affordable device option ahead of the Galaxy S22 series launch. But is that enough? Is the Galaxy S21 FE hot or not? We posed this question to readers in a recent poll and the results are now in.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: hot or not?


This poll received a lot of votes and received more than 3,500 responses since its publication date of January 4. Unfortunately for Samsung, the results are not favorable for its new challenger. More than half of respondents (58%) think that the S21 FE is simply not the right one. Conversely, 42% believe the phone is the next big thing.

Our verdict: Hands on with the Galaxy S21 FE

Of course, the late launch of the phone doesn’t help Samsung’s case. With the Galaxy S22 series apparently hitting the market in the coming weeks, it doesn’t give potential buyers much of a reason to pick up the FE. Sure, it might be worth a shout out to those not considering the upcoming flagships. It has a larger battery than the base Galaxy S21, with a cell of 4,500 mAh. However, it lacks the Galaxy S20 FE’s microSD card slot, which is likely to be a major pain point for several readers.

But what do our readers have to say? Well, the comments aren’t much praise for Samsung either. Check out a few choices below.

Your reactions

  • PhoenixWitti: This thing is not based on the wishes of fans; it’s just marketing. In fact, it’s an insult to the fans.
  • mxxcon: Lack of SD card was the last straw it did for me. It’s nothing more than just another Galaxy S phone.
    And terrible timing for the S22 line. I think I’m going to watch the Galaxy A or XCover series now.
  • RichSPK: I hate to say it’s not hot. It’s a pretty cool phone, but it’s not the phone I want from the S21 line, and it’s not the phone I want at that price (for that price, I’d probably pick one of several Chinese gaming phones , or a Pixel 6 ).
  • ScubaMntMonkey: The price and the removal of the MicroSD are both bad moves by Samsung.
  • Mura Eriobuna: The only reason the S20 FE was relevant and made a splash in the market was because the S20 series started at $999. With the s21 series starting at $799 with an occasional drop in sales to $699, its FE counterpart is a bad deal for anyone who buys. Not to mention the S22 series that is just around the corner👨🏽‍🦯
  • Randy: I think people misunderstand this phone. The FE is not an alternative to last year’s flagship. The S21 FE is not really a cheaper S21, it is an alternative to the upcoming S22. It’s like an interim refresh, not like the iPhones were with the S versions (better version of the previous one), not like the A variants of the pixels (cheaper version of the last flagship), it’s a cheaper alternative to the current/upcoming flagship, based on the latter. The problem is the surf. They should jump up a number, and that would make more sense. Then you can get the S22 Ultra, S22+, S22 or the S22 FE (really the S21 FE here). So you have the high end lineup with every price point.

That’s it for this Samsung Galaxy S21 FE survey. Thank you for your votes and comments. If you have any comments about the poll results or Samsung’s latest device, feel free to comment below.

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