The Withings Body Scan smart scale measures EKG, body composition

Withings Body Scan Smart Scale ECG


  • The smart scale Withings Body Scan can measure an EKG, body composition analysis and nerve activity.
  • Withings will also offer personalized coaching plans in addition to its new smart shell.
  • The Body Scan is expected to launch in H2 2022, pending CE and FDA approval.

Household scales are no longer just for measuring weight. Sure, they do, but some companies want to make the scale you step on every morning much, much more than that. The new smart scale Withings Body Scan can measure your weight, record an electrocardiogram (ECG), analyze your nervous activity and even estimate your body composition.

The Withings Body Scan largely resembles other smart scales. It is covered with a single panel of tempered glass and has a 3.2-inch LCD display. What sets it apart, though, is a retractable handle above the screen, which (heh) handles ECG and body composition measurements.

Grab the handle and the scale will begin recording a six-lead EKG — the results of which you can share with your doctor from the Withings app. EKGs are used to detect serious heart conditions such as atrial fibrillation. Many consumer-grade wearables offer EKG support, including Withings’ own ScanWatch, the Fitbit Sense and Apple Watch Series 7. It may be more convenient for some people to access a reading during your morning weigh-in.

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The Body Scan not only records your heart rhythm during the EKG test; it can also analyze your small nerve function by tracking sweat gland activity in your feet. Recording this data takes 30 seconds. After the recording, you will be presented with a score in the Withings app to help you understand the current state of your nervous activity. The Body Scan can’t directly detect something like small fiber neuropathy, but it may help you spot early warning signs.

Withings Body Scan smart scale body composition

Like other Withings scales, the Body Scan can estimate your body composition using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). We recently saw this technology make its way to the Galaxy Watch 4. However, the Body Scan can measure segmental body composition, so you’ll also receive measurements for individual body parts such as your torso, arms and legs. In total, the scale measures your body fat and water percentage, visceral fat, muscle and bone mass, as well as extracellular and intracellular water percentage. This type of analysis takes “less than three seconds,” Withings said.

Importantly, the Withings Body Scan will supposedly measure your body weight with an accuracy of .1lbs/50g. It also gives your heart rate and an estimate of your ‘vascular age’. Using data recorded from the scale in the Withings app, you can see how your cardiovascular health compares to that of other people your age.

Health and wellness plans also debut

Withings is using the launch of the Body Scan to roll out personalized coaching plans in the Withings app. The plans have been developed in collaboration with experts in neurological, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders and offer the possibility to contact medical specialists in case of health problems. Plans will be available for exercise, sleep, nutrition and stress management. Withings has not yet set monthly pricing for these plans, although we know that every Body Scan buyer will receive three free months of Withings’ health and wellness programs.

Withings CEO Mathieu Letombe said: android authority these plans will differ from what Fitbit, Apple, and other companies offer. “You can access all the data your scale records, even if you don’t have a subscription,” he said in an interview. “[The plans] are a motivational tool for users to understand the positive impact of the data our products collect over time.” Letombe also told android authority that the plans would be affordable. They will be available to Body Scan users first and then roll out to other Withings products such as watches and sleeping pads.

We’ll have to wait a while to get our… feet… on the Withings Body Scan. It is scheduled to launch sometime in the second half of 2022, following CE and FDA approval for the six-lead ECG and Nerve Activity Score features. Getting CE and FDA approval can be an unpredictable undertaking (just ask the ScanWatch), so it’s best to keep calm while Withings deals with the regulatory approval process. Once that’s clear, the shell will launch in two colorways, black and white, for $299.95.

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