Xfce’s Apps Update for December 2021: New Releases of Xfce Terminal, Whisker Menu and More

The December 2021 issue of my exclusive monthly collection “Xfce’s Apps Update” is now out and packed with news about some of your favorite Xfce applications, plugins and tools.

December was a quiet month for Xfce apps development, but we have a new update of the Xfce Terminal modern terminal emulator app to version 0.9.1, which brings an overlay scrolling preference, support for the new Shortcuts editor widget and a new preference for selecting the right click action.

In addition, the Xfce Terminal 0.9.1 release improved the scrolling-on-output behavior and the Paste dialog, and addressed various regressions and updated translations in multiple languages.

Also in December, the Whisker Menu plugin was released which provides an alternative application menu for the Xfce desktop environment. Whisker Menu 2.7.1 is a minor bugfix release that fixed an incorrect selection when exiting the tree, not selecting the second icon in search results, skipping the first tree entry, and unnecessary button size changes.

Apart from that, the Exo Xfce library dedicated to application development has been updated to version 4.16.3, fixing several bugs and adding some improvements.

Also, the libxfce4ui library used for sharing commonly used Xfce widgets between Xfce apps received two maintenance updates to version 4.17.3 as the Xfce development team continues their background work on the next major release of the desktop environment, Xfce 4.18. While version 4.17.2 introduces a shortcut widget, version 4.17.3 adds features for handling accelerators that use the Tab key.

That’s it for my exclusive Xfce’s Apps Update overview for December and the latest in 2021. For more details about the changes included in the new app releases presented in this overview, you can always visit the official mailing list here. In the meantime, make sure to update your Xfce installations to get the newer versions of the apps.

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